Trailiac is for aspiring backpackers and section hikers who are looking for insights into backpacking so they can enter the backcountry with confidence.

Trailiac offers original articles and videos about featured trails, hiking, and backpacking.


Trailiac is a celebration of backpacking.  It strives to inspire each visitor to plan and execute his or her next backpacking adventure.

Backpacking transforms a person.  It changes a person more than an outing to a state park.  Backpacking alters a person more than a long day hike. Packing a meal for a mid-trek picnic just doesn’t match it.

There is something about walking away from trailhead parking, entering the wilderness for one or more nights, and staying in the backcountry.  If you can’t read a map, you'll figure it out. If you’ve forgotten some equipment, you’ll do without.  If you’ve planned poorly, you’ll deal with it.  First backpacking trips can include false summits, cold meals, or chilly nights.  These challenges make it an adventure.

A backpacking trip will teach you about yourself.  It takes determination to walk mile after mile with a loaded pack.  It takes some nerve to set up your tent, where wild animals lurk after dark.  You will gain a greater sense of independence as you walk farther than you thought possible, climb higher than ever before, and spend a record number of nights under the stars. attempts to capture the spirit of backpacking in stories, photos, and videos.

We invite you to contribute to Trailiac.  We’re always interested in seeing your backpacking photos and videos.  Would you like to submit an article for consideration?  We are eager for your participation and welcome your contribution.  Please send your contributions to for consideration.


trai·li·ac (trāʹ lē akʹ) n. 1) a person who is constantly thinking about hiking and new trails, 2) an online gathering place for hiking and backpacking enthusiasts to share experiences and learn from others.

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About the editor

I was introduced to the glory of backpacking several years ago.  I spent a week on the Appalachian Trail and was hooked.

The benefits of backpacking are immeasurable.  Long trips in the backcountry have increased my confidence, tested my endurance, and confirmed my perseverance.  These benefits are not left on the trail -- they flow to all aspects of life.

Trailiac is a wonderful creative outlet for days when I can't be on a trail. Trailiac is also a channel to share my passion for backpacking.  Through original articles and insightful videos, I hope to encourage the curious to go on that first backpacking trip, and the novice to plan the next backpacking adventure.