Image by Dan Stoner

Image by Dan Stoner

Location: North America || United States || Ohio

Trail Length:  approximately 1444 mi or 2324 km

Percentage of trail complete: 100%

Estimated time to walk the (length of the) trail: 3 months

Description: This trail encircles the state of Ohio.  Trail maps are define 26 sections of the tail.  There are a few options for shorter, loop hikes.  The trail is reported to be well-maintained (e.g., well-marked).  This trail offers frequent water sources and minimal elevation gain.

Terrain: The trail offers a wide variety of terrain.  A hiker may encounter hills, fields, forests, lake shores, and beaches.

Dangers/safety concerns: high humidity during summer

Hiking season: year-round

Sleeping facilities: Some campsites can be found within walking distance of the trail.  These campsites are operated by some agencies and individuals. Camping without permission, on private or public lands, is not permitted.  Camping within Wayne National Forest is very flexible..

Allowed modes of travel: walking, with sections that are horse-friendly and bike-friendly.  The modes of travel allowed are dependent on the managing authority of each section of trail. 

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