Image by Jeff Edwards

Image by Jeff Edwards

Location: North America || United States || California

Trail Length:  approximately 1200 mi or 1900 km

Percentage of trail complete: approximately 50%

Estimated time to walk the (length of the) trail: approximately 60 days

DescriptionThis long distance trail stretches from Mexico to the California & Oregon border.  The trail system, when complete, will be continuous and located near California’s ocean shoreline.

TerrainSome trail segments are for light use, some segments are rugged paths, some segments are unimproved routes along the beach, and the trail includes some paved paths.

Dangers/safety concerns: Some regions have little fresh water.

Hiking season: spring, summer, fall.  Some river crossings are difficult/impossible during winter.

Sleeping facilities: nearby campgrounds, hostels.  Stealth camping is also available.

Allowed modes of travel: walking, biking, horseback riding

Additional resources:

Book -- Hiking the California Coastal Trail (several volumes)

California Coastal Trail Association

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