It's Simple to Contribute

Trailiac is a hiker-supported initiative. As such, it depends on contributions of content from viewers.  We invite you to contribute your stories, photos, and videos.

We consider stories about backpacking and long distance trails.  The articles that become blogposts are typically 400-words or less in length.

We enjoy receiving photos showing backpacking activities (e.g., packing, hiking, camping) and long distance trails.  Your photo could be posted on Trailiac’s homepage, support a blogpost, or complement text about a long distance hiking trail.

Videos submitted could show a backpacking trip, a visit to a trail, or be instructional.  Your video could be featured on Trailiac’s Videos page, or become part of a blogpost.

All material contributed, whether a story, photo, or video, will include the contributor’s name as the source.

We invite you to contribute material.  Submitting content to Trailiac is easy.  You can contribute your material to

Thank you.