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Image by Jeff Edwards

Image by Jeff Edwards

Location: North America || United States || Mid-Atlantic region (Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, D.C.)

Trail Length:  When finished, the trail will be 710 miles (1143 km) or 830 miles (1340 km)long approximately 830 mi or 1340 km

Percentage of trail complete: TBD

Estimated time to walk the (length of the) trail: Varies

Description: Trail follows the Potomac River, some of the upper Ohio River watershed, and some of the Rappahannock River watershed.  The trail highlights natural, historical, and cultural features

Terrain: Trail is gentle and offers gravel, asphalt, and natural surfaces

Dangers/safety concerns: water safety, hypothermia, dehydration, wildlife, ticks

Hiking season: Year-round

Sleeping facilities: campgrounds, hiker hostels, and bed & breakfasts

Allowed modes of travel: foot, bicycle, horse, and boat

Additional resources:

National Park Service

National Park Foundation